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Table of Contents :

Are Boundary Adventures for You?

What is Boundary in a Box?

What are Boundary Adventures?

Principles of Healing

How Do I Play Boundary Adventures?

What Will Happen When I Play These Games?

How Do I Use the Cords?

How Are Boundary Adventures Fun?

The Role of I.

The Role of Other.

Questions About Body Sensation.

More Support.

BodyMind Play Techniques



48 Boundary Adventures 

Game Names :

Setting the Stage 

Attune to Presence
Breathe with Awareness
Beginning to Spread Life-Energy Adventure
Qualities of UniqueYou
Boundary as Protector or Container
Full Body Breathe Adventure
A Feeling Center Adventure
Ground Like a Tree Adventure
Breathe Center Ground
Exploring a Boundary Adventure
Tight Place Adventure
Living Large Adventure
Invite a BodyMind Boundary
A Rocking Life-Energy Adventure
A Pushing Life-Energy Adventure
Enlivening Central Torso
Reinforcing UniqueYou
HomeBase in Your Body
A Solo Shuttling Adventure

Entering the Lion's Den
Embody a WiseHero
WiseHero as Support
Filling Up with a Triple Warmer
A Porous Boundary Adventure
A Vague Boundary Adventure
Thick & Rigid Boundaries
A Filling Up More Adventure
Become Intimate with a Mood
Mood Toss Adventure
Positive Voice Adventure
Claiming Your Space
Returning the Past Adventure
Blame Game
Don’t Feel Anything? Adventure
Too Close/Too Far
Supporting Contact Adventure
Protector or Container Duet
An Emotional Freedom Adventure
Shuttling Contact Adventure
Overlapping Adventure
Exploring Abandonment Adventure
Exploring Invasion Adventure
Filling Up for Partners Adventure
Radiant Eyes
A Same Boat Adventure
A Mutual Adventure
Mutual Life-Energy Dance


BodyMind Boundaries for Beginners (2nd Revised Edition)

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