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Boundary in a Box


        In 2009 we became partners in collaborating to present our joint philosophy, psychology teachings and experience. What emerged was a body and mind psychological method that we present to you in our book BodyMind Boundaries for Beginners.

       In BodyMind Boundaries for Beginners we use body and mind meditative type practices called Boundary Adventures. The Goal of Boundary Adventures is for each player to gain emotional freedom from the influence of overwhelming emotions and/or lingering anxiety. Emotional freedom is a state-of-being where you are free from the pull of your emotions and attachments, such as your desires and aversions. You experience emotional freedom when your behaviors and responses to contact are not based upon your fears that your needs for connection and breathing room will not be met by Others.        

       Boundary in a Box® is a self-health practice method designed to support personal growth. The method is presented as a series of meditative-type practices (Boundary Adventures). These are practices that encourage self-regulation, healing of old patterns, and emotional freedom from your fears about relationship. 

      Boundary in a Box® practices (Boundary Adventures) guide you to use the provided cords to define the size and shape of your life-energy. This helps you establish a visual and tactile body awareness of your unique sense of self and personal space as a supportive resource. Once you have an embodied experience of inhabiting your body and of the personal space you need to feel like you exist, you rehearse responsive options and discover how to maintain a supportive body experience when facing difficult situations, with challenging people, and even during overwhelming emotions. 

      The Boundary in a Box® method combines imaginative play with body-mind attachment therapy practices and simple somatic (body) psychotherapies. This potent combination (BodyMind Play) helps you establish a sensory experience of a healthy emotional boundary (BodyMind Boundary).  You will be naturally empowered to make wiser choices in relationship with yourself, as well as with others. 

      Boundary in a Box® BodyMind Play has a direct and potentially profound effect upon your brain, your body tension, and your ability to manage anxiety... 


Jean Houston, PhD (Passion for the Possible) :
“An ingenious teaching tool that breaks the patterns of our old habits & creates healthy boundaries for new ways of being. These are games that exhilarate while they enhance the psychological and social capacities of each player.” 

Ilana Rubenfeld, PhD (The Listening Hand & The Rubenfeld Synergy Method®) :
“At Last! I’ve found a FUN way to discover some important & deep concepts...One way humans develop awareness of their bodymind is through PLAY. Boundary in a Box structures these GAMES in great detail. Follow them in a playful way & you may just surprise yourself & CHANGE!”


What IS the Point of Boundary Adventures


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