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     HOW BodyMind Boundaries Work for You

      Boundary Adventures direct you to detect subtle features of perception that inform you about your sense of Self. You discover what is truly enlivening, important, and meaningful for you. You’ll be encouraged to build self-recognition based upon the sensory experience of your fundamental sense of Self, UniqueYou. Boundary Adventures cultivate your sensations of “This is Me, Alive.”

      Boundary Adventures guide you through the nuances of BodyMind Play as you learn to manage unwanted emotional impulses and non-serving patterns of behavior. You cultivate essential skills necessary to modulate and integrate powerful emotions, even those that come up in your life now but are based on childhood injuries around contact.

      Boundary Adventures help teach you to notice the moment-to-moment experiences of separation and inundation. As you become familiar with the dynamics of these discrete body sensations, you will also practice guiding the sensations and impulses in supportive ways.

      You play in BodyMind Boundaries for Beginners, 2nd Revised Edition to discover, explore, and support the relationship between the life-energy that is uniquely you, the emotions generated by your life experiences, and the sensations in your body. You learn to nurture and support the enormously powerful trio of your mind, body, and emotions to develop healthy boundaries in the most important relationships in your life (your self and others).  

HOW we Learn BodyMind Boundaries? 

      Boundary Adventures are deliberately simple.  When you are laying down new, subtly complex patterns in your body-mind, the process takes practice and simplicity has enormous power. Yet, the intention of each game is that you play with all sensory learning styles: sight, hearing, touch, voice, scent, imagination. The simplicity of this creative process allows you to communicate new healthy patterns and optimal ways of being directly to your body, brain, and nervous system. Your emotional boundaries come alive within you as a fundamental truth that you own. 

      Boundary Adventures teach you the practice of BodyMind Play. BodyMind Play (combining imaginative play, body-mind healing practices and somatic psychology techniques) helps you detect subtly perceptible (implicit) qualities that signal safety and danger. BodyMind Play helps you identify and discriminate your moment to moment, and your long-term, experiences of emotional injury and well-being. BodyMind Play assists you to self-regulate your emotional responses and supports you to re-shape your relationship with yourself and others. 

    Your body-mind sense of personal space (cord boundary) helps you learn to feel safe because as you imagine and reenact your contact experiences, there’s an opportunity for honest expression without the consequences of real life. Out in the world, BodyMind Play gives you a way of creating a safe distance, or separation from conflicts, and a deeper connection with your Self, when you are in contact with Others. You’ve practiced during Boundary Adventures and can now simultaneously experience your challenges, such as strong emotions, and remain in control of the state of your body and mind.



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