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WHY Play Boundary Adventures?



Boundary Adventures give players greater emotional resilience and clarity of mind, body, and soul.


Change old habits of response into new, healthier ways of being. You’ll rehearse new solutions to old problems.

Self-regulate your emotions, your mind's fixations and your body's associated unpleasant sensations.


Learn to become aware of, and manage, fast-acting body experiences and unexpected events that occur at an implicit level that are often beneath awareness.


Learn to stay externally calm and internally resourceful as you face the intricate intimacies of life.


Discover the interplay between emotional restraint (containment) and emotional release (spreading). Some players find new levels of support when they actually access and express their emotions via their body. Other players discover how to contain their life-energy flow so it’s not carried away by emotions, disturbing thoughts and body sensations. Learn to release strong feelings and body tensions through appropriate and acceptable channels.


Learn to experience intense emotions in small doses.

BodyMind Play increases your ability to self-sooth the nicks and abrasions that happen in any relationship in which Others are important to you. Self-soothing helps you stay flexible and adaptable so you can tolerate and enjoy a broader range of contact with Others.

Boundary Adventures help you find a self-trust that deepens your sense of Self by discovering a way of listening for your own inner sensory experience, your personal truth. Boundary Adventures teach you BodyMind Play so you can support that truth in your world, moment to moment.


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