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Zeb Lancaster, Ph.D., Counselor and guide for body-mind healing practices since 1981. His more than 25 years of experience in the U.S and Europe include: Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP), Hakomi Body Oriented Psychotherapy, and the Rolfing Method of Structural Integration. Zeb has practiced yoga since 1974, has completed Richard Freeman’s Teachers Training, and was a co-founder of the Denver Astanga Center. He is currently a counselor for BodyMind Play with boundaries in Ashland, Oregon.


Candace Cave, philosopher, world adventurer, body-mind explorer, and writer/editor. She is an innovator in body-mind self-regulation techniques, guiding Energy Tune-ups in Sacramento, CA from 1987 until 1999. Candace has practiced yoga since 1976. She currently lives in the woods of Southern Oregon on old family land where she enjoys a daily Astanga yoga practice and grows medicinal herbs.


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