About Boundary in a Box®



      Boundary in a Box® is a self-health game system designed to support personal growth. The system is presented as a series of meditative-type games (Boundary Adventures) that encourage self-regulation, healing of old patterns, and emotional freedom from your fears about relationship.

      Boundary in a Box® games (Boundary Adventures) guide you to establish a body awareness of your unique sense of self and personal space. You rehearse options and discover how to maintain a supportive body experience when facing difficult situations, with challenging people, and even during overwhelming emotions.

      The Boundary in a Box® system combines imaginative play with common body-mind healing practices and simple somatic (body) psychotherapies. This potent combination (BodyMind Play) helps you establish a sensory experience of a healthy emotional boundary (bodymind boundary). You will be empowered to make wiser choices in relationship with yourself, as well as with others.

      Boundary in a Box® BodyMind Play has a direct and potentially profound effect upon your brain, your tension, and your ability to manage anxiety.

To learn more about Boundary in a Box®, Boundary Adventures, and BodyMind Play go to FAQS.